“Jellyfish” Airplant Holder

So I adore these urchin air plant holders. Every time I see one at a craft fair or flea market I swoon. But they are so expensive. And even just buying the parts and making one yourself can be pricey. So I always pass. Plus, I don’t really NEED one, you know. I just think they’re cute.

Luckily I live in Southern California and there are plenty of beaches nearby. One day my friend and I went for a visit to the tidepools in Laguna Beach. Not in search of anything in particular, just to look at the fishies.

Along our route we stumbled upon an urchin skeleton and I shrieked! I was so excited and my friend was seriously confused. I explained that I wanted one; which made him more confused. You want an urchin skeleton? Lol

As soon as we got home I dropped the urchin into a bowl of bleach – to clean it out and whiten it up. After a few hours I rinsed it off under cold water.

I already had a perfect air plant for this sitting in my Window Airplant Holder in the backyard. So I pulled it out and inserted it into the urchin. I also had some extra fishing line from the Window Airplant Holder projects, so I used that to hang the urchin.

I decided to hang it inside of the entertainment center.

2015-01-19 22.07.02

Once it was all assembled and hanging, my friend finally knew what I meant about it looking like a jellyfish! He loves it probably more than I do.

I just have to remember to take it out and water it every couple of weeks.

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