Paper Collage Frames

I had so many paper squares left over from making the larger artwork for the Paper Book Art (link) that I decided to make mini art for my team at work. They are all Print Producers as well, so it was appropriate.

Instead of canvas, I just used small pieces of tagboard cut to fit frames I purchased from Ikea.

(They no longer carry the ones I used, but the RIBBA version would work just as well.)

Instead of making them multi-colored, I decided to use one color for each person – so that everyone’s was a little different. Our team uses a color coding system for our project assignments, so I used each employee’s color for their art piece.

I used the same methods for this as I did for the Paper Book Art, layering Modge Podge under each square and then again over each square to seal the paper in. Once each was complete I let it fully dry.

I decided to turn these into name plates, instead of just art, so I purchased raised foam stickers from the craft store. I simply applied the stickers to each of the art pieces, careful that it fit within the frame area (would show after it was framed).

2012-11-08 20.31.40

Once complete I simply inserted the finished pieces into the frames and voila!

2012-11-08 20.32.01

They look very nice and finished. Although, for the darker colors, I might have used a lighter colored sticker for the names, so that they would be more visible from a distance.

Now everyone has their own little art piece for their desk!

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