Custom Gift Card Wallet

A couple years back I was looking for a holiday gift for someone and I didn’t want to give the recipient cash as that seemed really impersonal – even though that’s really what she needed. So instead I thought to give her gift cards to various places that she could actually use. Some practical and some just for fun.


Since she wouldn’t have anything really to open and 7 gift cards don’t fit well into an envelope, I decided to make a custom gift card wallet.

This was actually really easy.

I basically just took different pieces of cardstock and wrapped them with fabric. To create the pockets, I just wrapped different layers of folded fabric around the cardstock. I used double sided tape to hold it all together.

I used my credit cards and other various cards to build the correct size. Then just replaced with the gift cards once I purchased them.

2012-11-08 23.13.032012-11-08 23.12.50
Since there isn’t an area to write the amounts on all of the cards, I printed off small strips that had the amount and type of card on it and simply wrapped it around the edge of the card before slipping it into the pocket.

2012-12-18 21.44.372012-12-18 21.44.30

I wrapped this gift card wallet like a present to present it to the recipient – that way she had something to open on Christmas morning – more than a card.

2012-11-08 23.12.56

She thought it was a fun treat. And the special “just for fun” gift cards forced her to spend at least a little of the money on something fun just for her.

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