I was scrolling through my project archives and came across one of my favorite projects, and most successful! AppCakes.

These bad boys were for my 27th birthday and inspired by my newfound obsession with my first iPhone. I thought it was only fitting to make myself cupcakes that spoke about me and my phone.

I enlisted the help of a friend, Shivonne, to help me make the AppCakes and play with fondant. She hadn’t ever worked with Fondant before and this was going to be a lot of experimenting and play.

Reference Images: I took screen shots from my phone of the different apps I was using at the time. I tried to use ones that meant something to me, or told a story about me. For instance, I used the calendar app, but changed the date to my birthday. I printed these at the size I wanted for the final app cake and used one set as a template and a 2nd set as reference.IMG_0257

Coloring the Fondant: This was not as fun as it sounds. We had to make lots of different colors to make all of the different apps. We started with white fondant and broke off chunks to color. Wearing latex gloves, we added drops of food coloring and massaged the fondant until it was well blended. We wrapped each color in plastic wrap so that it wouldn’t dry out until it was time to use it.


Making the apps: First we rolled out the solid color for the background and cut a square, then rounded the corners. Next we rolled out fondant for each part of the app artwork, using the printout as a template and cutting with an Xacto knife, very carefully. Then, using icing, adhered each piece/layer to the fondant background.


Icing: For the apps that had type on them, we piped icing onto the fondant as a final touch. Once these were dry, they could pretty much be used as a fridge magnet. Lol.


Assembling: Once the cupcakes were baked, we added copious amounts of frosting to the top and topped each with an App.


Display: I wanted to arrange the AppCakes to kind of look like they were in a phone, so I took a cookie sheet and wrapped it in tin foil and arranged the AppCakes on the cookie sheet in rows of 4.

Finished Product: These are still my favorite cakes made to date. They were so pretty no one wanted to eat them. Most people just took the App off their cupcake and set it aside. I could have saved and re-used these! Lol.

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