Herbology Cupcakes

These cupcakes were commissioned by a dear friend for her son’s birthday. She was throwing him a Harry Potter themed birthday complete with platform 9¾ as an entrance and candles over the dining table. She requested that I make plant themed cupcakes to be used as the “Herbology” class. Her only request was that they fit into the small terra cotta pots she bought. I made chocolate cupcakes since they look more like dirt and I even incorporated gummy worms into the batter. I had originally planned and should have stuck with putting them in the terra cotta pot under the cupcake, as they did melt quite a bit – but the boys didn’t care. I used green frosting for the top and finished with chocolate sprinkles. For the leaf, I cut the shape out of green fruit roll ups with a leaf cookie cutter I had from a Thanksgiving pie project. Photos 614 Then just dropped the cupcake into the terra cotta pot and voila! Herbology cupcakes! Photos 616Photos 609

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