Cat Silhouettes

My obsession with entry ways, really has to do with wanting a place to hang this project. Walking in the front door, the first thing your guests should see is something that speaks your personality. And this project is it!

We’ve all done these profile silhouettes as kids, probably for a Mother’s Day project in school. You sat with a projector shining a light on you while the teacher traced your profile onto black paper, then you cut it out and mounted it to something. Same idea. But I don’t have any kids.

I thought it would be super funny to do this with my cats!

No, I didn’t ask them to sit quietly while I traced their silhouettes with a flashlight shined on them. Instead, I chased them around the house trying to get a good profile photo. Even harder than is sounds…

2012-11-05 08.25.402012-11-04 23.10.32

Then, I begged my Art Director friend to create the silhouettes for me! And lucky for me she obliged.

I originally wanted to hang these in one of those ridiculous ornate frames from Ikea (which, apparently no longer come in black), but I didn’t like that they were actually made out of plastic. It seemed cheap. So instead I decided to use an oval frame, which ended up being a bigger deal than I thought.

It is really hard to come by a large oval frame that is reasonably priced. I searched everywhere online, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s etc and finally found something that would work at Aaron Brothers.

To make this a little more modern, I decided to add fabric behind the silhouettes, so I bought a yard or so of something at Joann’s.

2012-11-04 16.52.58

To assemble the frame I simply wrapped the fabric around the supplied cardboard backing in the frame. Then using double-sided tape, taped down the silhouettes cut out of a print I made. I ended up just using the print, instead of tracing these onto black paper and cutting and it looks fine.

2012-11-13 08.43.01

Once everything was assembled back together I hung it on the wall above the entry table (which was recently updated to a shoe storage cabinet).

2015-02-08 21.25.53

This is such a reflection of me, and my family. And a true conversation piece. I also love that it is actually our cats, which I’m not sure most people even realize.

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