This project is an oldie, but became relevant again this year with the re-invention of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the next generation. This cake was actually made for a 20-something (at the time) friend of mine, not a 5 year old. And it was super fun and easy to make.

When my friend requested a TMNT cake for his birthday I had to think long and hard about how I would create the character on the cake. I had seen TMNT cakes before that used frosting and it just didn’t give the characters that cartoon look that I wanted. So I came up with a brilliant solution – Fruit Roll Ups.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.25.10 AM

Yes, those fruit roll ups! The ones you would wrap around your fingers and gnaw on at lunch as a kid. It was pure genius.

It was pretty difficult to find all of the colors I needed to create Michaelangelo, the best ninja turtle if you ask any guy. So I thought I could use the three primary colors and layer them together to create whatever colors I needed.

The fruit roll ups were still pretty sticky, and I needed a way to trace the image onto them to cut out the correct shapes. To combat this, I rolled each piece out and sandwiched it between two pieces of waxed paper. Then I drew the outline for each shape onto the waxed paper with a Sharpie. To make them easy to cut, I threw them into the freezer – a solution to combat many food problems.

Once they were cold, they weren’t as sticky and I was able to cut out each shape using regular scissors.

Once the cake was made, built and iced, all I had to do was assemble the fruit roll up pieces into the character.

Once he was on the cake, I outlined the image in black gel frosting – in keeping with that cartoony look. I also added the Happy Birthday Colin into the TMNT logo with icing at the top. Voila!

Colins TMNT Cake

The cake was super cute and the Birthday Boy was thrilled.

It was a little difficult to cut with the fruit roll ups on the cake as they dissolved a little into the frosting, but it still tasted great!


Colors Used:




Logo: Red

Body: Blue + Yellow

Stomach: Yellow

Bandages/Bandana: Red + Yellow

Mouth: Red

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