Peeps Easter Cupcakes

I was tasked with bringing dessert to Easter dinner and wanted to make it easy on myself. I was toying with different ideas when I came up with the brilliant solution of using Bunny Rabbit Peeps as the decoration. This was so easy – and they came out pretty cute.

I baked the cupcakes per usual and frosted with a generous amount of vanilla frosting, then to create grass, I simply turned the cupcakes upside down and dipped the frosting into a bowl of green sprinkles.

For the bunnies, I simply cut them in half with kitchen shears so that they wouldn’t fall over when added to the cupcakes. All I did was stick them into the frosting and voila!

Photos 680

These were a pretty big hit, and the leftover peep bottoms were able to be enjoyed by my “assistant”.

Photos 692Photos 689Photos 688Photos 694Photos 695

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