Michelle Homemaker – About

The name Michelle Homemaker comes from my dear friend Xenia. She is an immigrant from Russia and doesn’t always quite get American phrases. Friends of mine have long referred to me as Suzy Homemaker for my many DIY and baking projects, but Xenia was always correcting them saying that I wasn’t Suzy, I was Michelle Homemaker, thus the name.

I’ve been meaning to create a DIY Blog for years now. I had started it, stopped, started, stopped and so on. Now I’m making it happen. I am all about DIY, not just for the satisfaction of a job well done, or for the sake of having custom items throughout my home, but because I don’t believe in filling a home full of items without meaning. Everything in my house has a story behind it, from the furniture, to the artwork on the walls; I have touched it in some way or created it from nothing. I find inspiration everywhere, but mostly just roaming the aisles of Home Depot. If I see something in a magazine or at a store I don’t think, “Oooh, I want that!” I think: “Oooh, how can I make something like that?” I love a good project. And here’s proof! Enjoy!

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