Window Herb Garden

I really don’t have a green thumb. Really. But I wanted some live plants for my apartment and a way to ensure they stayed alive. You know, like sunlight and water. But I lived alone on a first floor and didn’t want to leave my blinds open all the time just to grow some plants. So I started thinking of places I could put plants where I wasn’t concerned about people seeing in to my house.

The one place I thought of was the window over the kitchen sink. It was small, but if someone looked inside, all they could see was the refrigerator – not my flat screen TV. And it was so close to a water source, I could just extend the kitchen faucet to water them. This should be foolproof – sunlight and easy watering.

The only problem was there wasn’t actually a ledge or anywhere to set plant pots. So, I did what anyone would do and went to Ikea. I ended up buying one of those kitchen rail systems. It was essentially a curtain rod that affixed to the wall and had different hooks and holders you could connect to it. I bought one long rod, 2 sets of hooks, and three plant pots/holders.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 8.56.39 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 8.57.15 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 8.56.59 AM

I affixed the rod to the wall, across the span of the window, so that the pots would hang in the window, but not rest on the sill. I just added the hooks and plant holders and voila! Once installed, I potted different herbs into small terra cotta pots, which I painted white to blend in with the white containers. I just dropped these small pots into the containers on the rail. I did this for drainage, so the plants could drain through the terra cotta pot into the larger one if needed.

2012-08-18 19.27.11 copy

It was pretty cute while it lasted. The plants died pretty quickly, then I ended up moving and the whole thing didn’t make it in to the new house.

Now, knowing that succulents are about all I can keep alive, I would have planted succulents in them and they would have been just as cute and probably still be alive.

It was a cute idea and the project itself worked. Just the theory that it would help me keep my plants alive, that was the fail!


FINTORP Rail, Black (31”) – $9.99

FINTORP Flatware Caddy, White – $6.99/each x 3 = $20.97

FINTORP Hooks, Black – $2.99/5 Pack x 2 = $5.98

Terra Cotta Pots – $.78/each x 4 = $2.34

Herbs, 3 types – $4.98/each x 3 = $14.94

TOTAL: $54.22

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