Don’t Bring Around a Cloud…

I love(d) Glee. Back when it was new, fresh and actually good. I had even gone to two, yes two, of the Live Glee concerts! That’s how much I love(d) it. Of course I had downloaded most of the CD’s, which at the time you could actually keep up with, and the one song I love most was “Don’t Bring Around a Cloud to Rain on my Parade.”

Now, I know that this is obviously not an original song, and that it is from Funny Girl – but I also love Broadway more than anything in this world. I listened to the Glee version so many times, and apparently I wasn’t the only one that loved it because I’m pretty sure Lea Michele sang it on the show at least three times and she performed it at both of the live concerts – so I am not alone in my love for this song. Anyways, I loved the song so much, and even just the sentiment that I decided to hang it on my wall!

I had fallen in love with prints on burlap and wanted to use this method to bring my piece to life. The words would have to be carefully arranged to fit interestingly into the frame space. I needed help. So I once again enlisted the help of my Graphic Designer friend Shivonne – isn’t that handy? She laid out the words for me and I used that as a template for my “print.” To get it onto the burlap I decided the easiest way would be to paint it using acrylic paints. I printed the template to size and cut it out with scissors, the best I could. I drew around the template onto the burlap. Once on the burlap I simply painted the words in using a small paintbrush – being careful not to put too much paint on as it would go through the holes and plug them up. (Be sure to put something under your burlap as paint will soak through)

Photos 637

Photos 650 I used three colors for my design – picking up colors from my living room pillows and wall. Once complete and dried, I wrapped the burlap around the wood frame insert and inserted it into the frame without the glass. Photos 652

Photos 651

2015-04-15 18.30.53

Last step was to hang on the wall, step back and enjoy! This piece is now hanging over the toilet in my bathroom, so anyone that comes over and uses the facilities can be reminded not to rain on my parade!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Bring Around a Cloud…

  1. I love this! I am a fellow Gleek, and I absolutely became obsessed with Funny Girl and Don’t Rain on my parade after watching Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) sing it so amazingly. I also loved Santana’s version of the song, and keep up the great work on your blog! Just followed! 🙂

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